Award-winning Australian singer/songwriter Peter D. Harper -- known in the music world simply as "Harper" -- creates a heady mix of roots music through his creative use of the harmonica and the haunting drone of the didgeridoo. Harper’s latest CD, “Show Your Love,” features 11 original road-tested tracks recorded with his well-traveled Detroit-based touring band “Midwest Kind.” "Show Your Love" hit # 3 on Billboard, USA and remained in the Top Ten for an incredible six months!

Harper possesses a powerful soulful voice and a deep, almost mystical approach to music that some might say has evolved into its own genre. Harper calls it “World Blues” -- a rich musical stew of ‘50s rhythm and blues, a ‘60s message of love and unity, and ‘70s funky soul, stirred up with masterful, virtuoso harmonica and the deep, woody, percussive tones of the didgeridoo, served up in a feast of timeless mystery.


Fri April 27: - 8pm - Little Bar - Goodland, FL
Sat April 28: - 5pm- Grove Bay Grill - Coconut Grove, FL
Sun April 29: - 5pm - Shark Bar - Fort Myers Beach , FL
Thur May 3: - 8pm - Big Beat Dallas- Irving TX - Plaza Stage
Fri May 4 -: 6.30pm - Antones, Austin, Texas
Sat May 5: - 9.30pm - Chelsea's Cafe - Eurekea Springs AR
Sat May 12: - 7pm - Rumpus Room- Chelsea, Michigan
Sun May 20: - 9pm - Groesch Blues Festival, Schoppingen, Germany
Sun May 27: -9.45pm - Blues Bet the Bridges - Lexington, KY